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Product certification is guaranteed

Various products have obtained one or more safety regulations, including UL, CUL, CSA, VDE, TUV, CQC and other certifications



The laboratory has established an ISO17025 management system, which passed the CNAS certification and VDE certification laboratory and equipped with various electrical, environmental, mechanical, vibration, and chemical testing equipment. In accordance with IEC60947, IEC60998, IEC61984, GB13140, GB/T14048, UL1059, UL486E terminal block standards, the production process and design reliability of the product are tested to ensure the stability and reliability of the quality of the products manufactured by Debo.



Conservation of Earth and environmental symbiosis


With the improvement of environmental protection awareness, environmental protection is a matter of concern to everyone in modern times, and it is also a responsibility that an enterprise must fulfill. Dorabo has fully imported RoHS-compliant raw materials since 2004, and entered REACH compliance in 2005. All raw materials are strictly checked before entering the production line of the Dorabo factory. The production and processing processes are implemented in accordance with standards higher than the local environmental protection laws and regulations. The green production line technology is practiced to protect the earth with practical actions. Dorabo is the green partner of many brands.