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Social Responsibility



Policies and aspects

Since its establishment, the company has been adhering to the business philosophy of "sustainable development, humanistic care". Under the premise of serving the society, we constantly seek change and innovation, and successively develope new products in the field of electronic components

Corporate governance

Provide Dorabo Electronics company organization chart, and introduction of each department in charge, directors ,supervisors, and managers

Employee care
In order to enable employees to enjoy the welfare policy, an Employee Welfare Committee was established in accordance with the company’s "Employee Welfare Committee Management Measures", which is allocated based on the company’s founding capital, revenue status, personal salary, and sales.

Environmental safety and health management 

For compliance with environmental protection, safety and health regulations and other requirements, the company also declares that when the standards are not exceeded, it should also have the ambition and responsibility to comply with laws and other requirements.

Green product

In the establishment of a green product management system, the company mainly focuses on providing green products that meet the requirements of laws and regulations, and reducing or not using substances that are harmful to the environment or the human body.


Other projects

Provide customers with complete solutions-Dorabo Electronics has been committed to providing customers with diversified products and complete solutions for many years, through the integration of the upstream supply chain and continuous expansion.