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R&D Capabilities

Since its establishment for so long, Dorabo has been working tirelessly to provide customers from all over the world with electromechanical components at reasonable prices, upholding the original intention of starting a business. The company has nearly a hundred R&D engineers scattered in various business entities. In addition to working diligently every day, they also link various business entities at home and abroad for vertical and horizontal integration.


In order to continue to expand its market position with technology, Dorabo has vigorously strengthened its technological innovation in cost design, production design, and quality design. Dorabo has invested a lot of money in the investment of advanced testing equipment, design and verification software, the expansion of the laboratory scale, and the training and absorption of technical personnel to master advanced technology and industry development trends and spare no effort to introduce CAD /CAE/KM and other computer software.


Under the main structure of Windchill ProjectLink of PTC Parametric Technology in the United States, Dorabo develops highly reliable and high-quality products with other related tools and software:

1.Use the new version of Creo 2.0 CAD software of pro/ENGINEER to draw the 2D/3D design drawing of the product.
2.Utilize IntraLink 9.0 to manage the access additions and deletions of drawings, design-related materials of the R&D department, and set permissions to control the entry and exit of data to ensure the security of confidential documents.
3.Accessing remote information through WWW, projectLink can realize collaborative design projects across regions, enterprises or countries through the Internet.
4.Import CAE (Computer Aided Simulation Engineering) software-the results calculated by ANSYS's finite element method to verify the effectiveness of the product design at the initial stage, so as to shorten the product development schedule and reduce the waste of resources caused by trial and error.
5.Introduce the current advanced Clarizen cloud project management software to manage the tedious product development schedule. In addition to having significant effects on the implementation of product development plans, schedule control and execution, Clarizen can also provide a platform for members from all over the country to share and discuss cooperation project information, and analyze the interaction between the interdependence of each other's work and the timeline.


Self-developed automated production equipment and hardware investment

Improvement of automation process:

1.In order to establish a modern and high-efficiency factory, reduce manufacturing costs and pursue uniform product quality, for many years, Dorabo's research and development units have invested in automatic production equipment and fixtures in the factory to meet the individual requirements of corresponding products, streamline the scale of equipment and make use of its great function.
2.Introduction of RP (Rapid Prototyping)
Over the past few years, Dorabo has made good use of  advanced Rapid Prototyping (rapid prototyping equipment) of Israel's OBJET (Objet Geometries Ltd.,) system, which can quickly produce prototypes before the formal mold development. It can provide evaluation (Design Review) and confirmation (Design Verification) of product design ideas at the initial design stage,  design reference for future processing and manufacturing methods,  patterns for molds designed by mold factories in the future ( Patterns for Mold ),and simulated presentation of future products to potential customers( Presentation ), so that customers can conduct in-depth evaluations of products and provide correction suggestions.

Product design which focuses on the concept of green and environmental protection

In response to the demands of environmental protection in recent years, in the initial stage of product research and development, Dorabo considers reducing environmental pollution and resource consumption during the manufacturing process, and strives to minimize the impact of products on the environment.

1.Dorabo researches and developed products that meet the requirements of environmental protection regulations such as EU RoHS and REACH regulations. Our products have been certified as "green products" by many major domestic and foreign manufacturers.
2.The designed product meets the requirements of "clean production" in the manufacturing process
1.Use of environmentally friendly or recycled materials
2.Without sacrificing quality, try to save materials as much as possible
3.Recycling of resources
4.Reduce the consumption of materials to meet the demands of "energy saving and carbon reduction"
5.Sharing of packaging materials
6.Research early on the materials containing environmentally hazardous substances that will be banned or regulated in the future, and seek alternative materials and technologies

Customized service   OEM/ODM technology

Dorabo has extensive and in-depth OEM/ODM experience. Based on the existing design capabilities and equipment for a long time, we can quickly form a project team according to customers' ideas and needs to provide customized products and services to meet customers' individual specification requirements.