Long-term strategic partner trusted by customers

In this rapidly changing field of the electronics industry, what customers need is a long-term strategic partner, not just an electronic component supplier. We believe that the partner our customers need is able to provide a wide range of products, advanced technology, stable brand, and punctual delivery to maintain their competitiveness. At Dorabo, we are committed to establishing close partnerships with customers to help them achieve and maintain their status. The way we succeed is to focus on product innovation, process integration and equipment research and development. Therefore, Dorabo is not only a parts manufacturer, but also a long-term strategic partner that customers are looking for.


Operation philosophy

Sustainable development/p>

Dorabo Electric does not sacrifice long-term benefits for short-term countermeasures. Any action needs to be considered whether there is an implicit long-term development counter-effect.


Humanistic care

An enterprise is only people. We believe that human resources are the company's assets. Therefore, Dorabo Electric fully cares about the needs of colleagues, respects personal values, and expects colleagues to complete self-realization.


Core value

Encourage innovation in all aspects and maintain a high degree of corporate vitality

We not only pursue innovation in research and development, but also emphasize on marketing, management, and knowledge accumulation. Innovation is our foundation. We always uphold a proactive attitude and maintain a high degree of vitality in response to the ever-changing environment.


Quality is the expression of personality and the basis of customer trust

Through planned training, we improve employees' cognitive ability, understand quality from the heart, and implement the requirements of execution quality. With good communication with customers, we understand customer requirements, and provide customers with trusted products through supervision and measurement.


Process-oriented management, stable performance

Through the process approach, we integrate all processes in the company from a systematic point of view, and focuse on the improvement of process efficiency, so that the organization has stable and predictable performance (Quality, cost, delivery..).


Create an objective, fair and cheerful environment

Colleagues give full play to their strengths in an objective, fair, and cheerful environment. All things are based on reason, and there is no need to spend much time dealing with company politics, factions and other interpersonal issues.


Ensure satisfactory business results for shareholders, customers, employees, suppliers, and society

We attach importance to corporate governance to protect the rights and interests of shareholders; provide high-quality products to ensure the rights and interests of customers; improve employee welfare and a healthy and safe working environment; grow together with suppliers; uphold the philosophy of what is taken from the society and used in the society , continue to give back to the society, and be a good corporate citizen.