PCB terminal DBT40S-9.5

Single-layer fence terminal block, nominal working current: 20 A, rated voltage (III/2): 300 V, rated cross section: 22-12AWG, number of electric digits: 2-24, number of rows: 1, number of digits per row: 2-24, product series: DBT40S, pin pitch: 9.5 mm, wiring method: screw connection with compression plate, screw head specification: cross slot, installation: wave soldering, wire/PCB connection direction: 0 °, color: black, pin arrangement: linear arrangement, Welding pin [P]: 3.8 mm, number of welding pins per potential: 1, packaging type: carton packaging


☑ Screw connection mode, which can be used worldwide
☑ Fence-type wiring structure, stable and reliable connection
☑ Solder board installation can realize electrical connection between equipment and PCB
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    Material information


    M4.0 Steel Ni plated
    Solder foot 
    Copper alloy,Sn plated
    Plastic parts 


    Electrical performance


    Reference Standards 
    UL IEC
    Rated voltage 
    300V 400V
    Rated current
    20A 24A
    Wire diameter used 
    22-12AWG 2.5mm²
    Contact resistance 
    Insulation resistance 
    Voltage resistance 
    Temperature range 



    Size Chart




    PCB opening diagram




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