PCB socket DB2EVC-10.0

PCB Housing, Cross-sectional rating: 2.5 mm2, Color: Green, Current rating: 16 A, Voltage rating (III/2): 600 V, Contact surface: Tin, Contact type: Pin connector, Number of potentials: 2-12, Number of rows: 1, Number of bits: 2-12, Connections: 2-12, Series: DB2EVC, Pin pitch: 10.0 mm : 10.0 mm, Mounting: Wave Soldering, Pin Alignment: Straight Alignment, Pins [P]: 3.9 mm, Number of Pins per Potential: 1, Insertion System: COMBICON DB2EVC, Pin Connector Style Alignment: Standard, Interlock: Without, Mounting: Without, Package Type: Carton


☑Ensures a high degree of flexibility in device design - Only one socket is needed for connectors that utilize different connection technologies
☑Universal mounting for global use
☑Vertical connection enables multiple rows on PCB
☑Products can be aligned at different pin pitches, supporting flexible and space-saving PCB assembly
☑Easy PCB replacement with pluggable modules
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    Technical Data-UL/CUL


    Use Group
    B C D
    Rate Voltage [V]
    600 - 600
    Rated Current [A]
    15 - 5
    Wire Range [AWG]
    Dielectric Voltage-Withstand


    Technical Data-IEC


    Overvoltage Category
    Contamination Class
    3 2 2
    Rated Voltage [V]
    630 1000 400
    Rated Current [A]
    10 10 10
    Impulse withstand voltage [KV]
    4 4 4
    Conductor cross section [mm²]


    Material Information


    Insulation Material
    Flame relardant rating
    Conductor Material
    Copper alloy
    Plating of conductor surface
    Sn plated


    General Parameters


    Pitch/Poles [mm]/[P]
    Stripping Length [mm]
    Operating temperature [℃]
    Soldering temperature
    Pin dimensions [mm]
    PCB Hole Diameter [mm]


    Size Chart



    PCB opening diagram





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