PCB socket DB2ERTM-5.08

PCB Housing, Cross-sectional rating: 2.5 mm2, Color: Green, Current rating: 10 A, Voltage rating (III/2): 320 V, Contact surface: Tin, Contact type: Pin connector, Number of potentials: 4-48, Number of rows: 2, Number of bits: 4-48, Connections: 4-48, Product family: DB2ERTM, Pitch: 5.08 mm, Mounting: Wave soldering, Pin alignment: Straight, Pin [P]: 3.9 mm, Number of pins per potential: 1, Insertion system: COM Pin Pitch: 5.08 mm, Mounting: Wave Soldering, Pin Alignment: Straight Alignment, Solder Pins [P]: 3.9 mm, Number of Pins per Potential: 1, Insertion System: COMBICON DB2ERTM, Pin Connector Style Alignment: Standard, Interlocking: Screw Fastening, Mounting: Screw Flange, Package Type: Carton, This product can be composed of connectors of different bit numbers! When used in combination with DB2EKM or DB2EKDM plug components, both DB2EKM (or DB2EKDM) and DB2EKM plugs (or DB2EKDM) must be used.


☑ Ensure high flexibility in device design - only one socket is needed for connectors that utilize different connection technologies
☑ Easy PCB replacement thanks to plug-in modules
☑ Universal mounting for worldwide use
☑ Multi-layer wire Connections for high contact density
☑ Bolt flanges ensure high mechanical stability
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  • Technical Data

    Use Group
    B C D
    Rate Voltage [V]
    300 - 300
    Rated Current [A]
    15 - 10
    Wire Range [AWG]
    Dielectric Voltage-Withstand

    Technical parameters

    Overvoltage Category
    Contamination Class
    3 2 2
    Rated Voltage [V]
    250 320 400
    Rated Current [A]
    10 10 10
    Impulse withstand voltage [KV]
    4 4 4
    Conductor cross section [mm²]


    Insulation Material
    Flame relardant rating
    Conductor Material
    Copper alloy
    Plating of conductor surface
    Sn plated

    General Parameters

    Pitch/Poles [mm]/[P]
    Stripping Length [mm]
    Operating temperature [℃]
    Soldering temperature
    Pin dimensions [mm]
    PCB Hole Diameter [mm]

    Size Chart

    PCB opening diagram



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