DB41-5.6-5P Wire Connector

Compact conductor connector, Rated current: 20 A, Rated voltage (III/2): 600 V, Rated cross-section: 4.0 mm2, Number of potentials: 5, Number of rows: 1, Product family: DB41, pitch: 5.6 mm, Connection: CAGE CLAMP®), wire/PCB connection direction: 0 °, suitable for a variety of wire types; max. 4 mm²; with operating handle; translucent housing; Working ambient temperature: max. 85 °C (T85), packing type: carton packing


☑ Easy to operate - Pull the joystick upwards, insert the wire, and then pull the handle back into place
☑ 2-, 3-, 4- and 5-wire connectors are available
☑ Conductors with cross-sections in the range of 0.14-4 mm² can be easily connected
☑ Connect single-stranded, multi-stranded and fine stranded conductors
☑ Save time for installers and equipment manufacturers
☑ Faster connection to higher power devices
☑ It is suitable for the installation of long cables with a large cross-sectional area
☑ The easy-to-install mounting bracket meets the standard
☑ Customized stands
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    Electrical parameters


    Rated electrical parameters EN 60664
    Rated voltage (II/2) 450 V
    Rated impulse voltage (II/2) 4 kV
    Current rating 32 A
    Legend (Rated Electrical Parameters) (II / 2) ≙ Overvoltage category II / Pollution degree 2


    Wiring parameters


    Connection technology CAGE CLAMP®
    Execution type Operational credit
    Wire materials can be attached copper
    Single-strand wire 0.2 … 4 mm² / 24 … 12 AWG
    Multi-stranded wires 0.2 … 4 mm² / 24 … 12 AWG
    Thin stranded wires 0.14 … 4 mm² / 24 … 12 AWG
    Strip length 11 mm / 0.43 inches
    Rated conductor cross-sectional area 4 mm² / 12 AWG
    The total number of potentials 5
    Wiring type Side wiring


    Material parameters


    color transparent
    UL94 flammability rating V2
    Combustion load 0.05 MJ
    Actuator color blue
    weight 4.1 g


    Environmental requirements


    Operating Ambient Temperature (Operating) +85 °C
    Continuous operating temperature 105 °C

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