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Application of Pluggable Terminal Blocks

Pluggable terminal blocks feature a unique push-on design for connecting wires to the terminal block. Pluggable terminals consist of plugs and mating sockets. Sockets are usually connected to a printed circuit board by pins. The plug is inserted into the socket and the wire is connected to the socket with a push-on design. This design improves on traditional screw terminals in terms of efficiency, ease of use and space saving.

Screw terminals take time to tighten properly, and there is always a risk of under-torque and loose connections, or over-torque and stripped threads. In contrast, wires connected using push-in design technology ensure a secure connection, reducing the time required to install wires by approximately 75% each time.

Using the push-on design connects solid wire in just 3.6 seconds, compared to 13.5 seconds for screw connections. A flexible cord can be connected in just 4.1 seconds, compared to 14.4 seconds for screw terminals. Flexible wiring with ferrules connected in just 3.7 seconds, compared to 13.2 seconds for screw terminals.