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Basic knowledge of terminal connector

Although more and more components are integrated into a single package, it can be said that the terminal connector type of component will always exist. Although electronic circuits can process signals and produce outputs, they almost always need to be connected to external components, power supplies, inputs, or outputs. These connections are made through the use of connectors, and they come in many different types, shapes, sizes, and ratings.

Terminals are designed to receive and connect wires, and use multiple clamping methods at concentrated locations, with multiple shapes and sizes. It is widely used in the industrial and transportation markets, but also in many other fields including telecommunications and instrumentation. The terminal has a variety of termination styles, which are completely selected according to the application.

A terminal block is a connector that terminates a single wire and connects it to a circuit or other system. Terminals come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and ratings, but they always terminate with a single wire, not multi-pole. Terminal blocks can be provided in rows, but each terminal is connected to only one wire. Terminal block connectors are very useful in situations where semi-permanent connections are required, which may require inspection, wire replacement, repair and replacement.