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You need to understand the knowledge about terminal blocks

Terminal blocks have been used for many years to provide semi-permanent, safe wire connections in a range of applications. Terminals, also called connecting terminals, terminal connectors or screw terminals, consist of a modular housing and an insulator that connects two or more wires together.

Due to the semi-permanent nature of its connection, the terminal block helps simplify the on-site inspection and maintenance process. Although it is a relatively simple component, it is still beneficial to understand the basics of terminal blocks and their specifications before choosing.

Terminal blocks can be seen everywhere, it is used to connect the PCB and other equipment on the circuit part together. Each connector has its own unique set of characteristics, including different physical sizes, shapes, vibration resistance, etc. In daily life, we often use connectors. For example, a mobile phone data cable is a type of connector. There are also some common pin plugs, such as keyboards, mice, monitors, etc., to connect to the computer.